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Arne Jacobsen's Swan Sofa

Arne Jacobsen's Swan Sofa

Arne Jacobsen's Swan Sofa

An expanded version of the Arne Jacobson chair, this Swan sofa is available in a variety of fabric upholstery and also exclusive leather coverings. Sturdy, stylish and modern, the Swan sofa is a perfect accessory for lounges and suites.



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Arne Jacobsen's Swan Sofa

The classic and elegant Swan sofa conceptualized by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 was in production in between 1964- 1974. It was reintroduced in to the market in 2000. The three dimensional design is devoid of any straight lines but is rather made of curved edges like the egg and the swan. The shell is made of shatterproof polyurethane foam. The seat is supported by a base consisting of a satin-polished stainless steel frame and legs made of molded aluminum. The upholstery is in Scandinavian style wool fabric or high quality leather available in a variety of colors.

Dimensions: 57"W x 27.5"D x 30.75"H

About our fabric quality:

  • B Fabric:  75% wool; 25% nylon
  • T Fabric:  85% wool; 15% nylon

About our leather quality:

Standard Leather
This Australian & American Full Grain, Semi-aniline leather is soft to the touch, and very durable, and is 9mm-1.1mm thick.

Deluxe Leather
This Australian & AmericanBovine rawhide semi-aniline, lightly pigmented full grain leather is dyed without pigmentation, and will develop a beautiful patina look over time (a process that allows oxidation & exposure to light to bring out the richness of the dye and color potency). Our deluxe leather is 1.3mm-1.5mm thick.

Premium Leather
This European Bovine rawhide full grain, full aniline leather is our highest leather grade and is extra soft, extra durable, featuring a lush natural texture without the use of chemical spray after the aniline dying process. Our Premium Leather is 1.3mm-1.5mm thick.

  Special Order
Est. Delivery:  10 to 16 weeks 

Fabric Swatches 

b201 charcoal  B202 Brown  B203 Green  B204 Red  B206 Light Gray  B208 Red

T501 Red  T502 Black  T503 Dark Blue  T504 Brown  T505 Warm Gray  T506 Light Gray  T507 Burgundy  T508 Light Blue  T509 Dark Green  T511 Light Orange  T512 Dark Orange


Leather Swatches 

ML001 Black Standard Leather  ML002 White Standard Leather  ML003 Red Standard Leather  ML004 Beige Standard Leather  ML005 Brown Standard Leather  ML007 Pure White Standard Leather  ML023 Dark Red Standard Leather  ML025 Chocolate Brown Standard Leather

ML033 Black Deluxe Leather  ML034 Cream White Deluxe Leather  ML035 Red Deluxe Leather  ML036 Biege Deluxe Leather  ML037 Brown Deluxe Leather  ML039 Dark Red Deluxe Leather  ML040 Chocolate Brown Deluxe Leather

ML006 Black Premium Leather  ML016 Brown Premium Leather  ML017 White Premium Leather  ML026 Red Premium Leather  ML042 Chocolate Brown Premium Leather





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