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Norman Cherner Dining Chair

Norman Cherner Dining Chair

Norman Cherner Dining Chair

The Norman Cherner Dining Chair features an innovative look and sturdy design. Made up of polished oak veneer, the dining chair has a triangular back support for comfortable seating and stylish dining room décor. Its long legs and triangular back support form perfect symmetry that makes it appear trendy across your dinning space.



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The Norman Cherner Dining Chair represents a unique sense of style fused with comfort. The Norman Cherner chair features long versatile legs that join to form a base for the seating. Completely made up of polished oak veneer, this modern chair has an extremely sturdy, yet comfortable design for perfect postural balance. The triangular shape of the back support adds elegance to the sleek and sturdy design of the chair. It comes in various color options and the unique design is all set to modernize the look of your dining hall.

Dimension: 18.3"W x 20.5"D x 32"H 
Availability:  Special Order
Est. Delivery:  10 to 16 weeks  

Plywood Swatches

PV001 American Walnut  PV002 White Oak PV004 Cherry  PV005 Rosewood  PV006 Red Oak  PV008 Red Oak Painted White  PV009 Beech  PV010 American Maple

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