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Paul Volther Corona Chair

Paul Volther Corona Chair

Paul Volther Corona Chair

Live in style and luxury with the retro modern Paul Volther Corona Chair. The innovative modern classic peice is a highly accurate reproduction of the original chair by Paul Volther and available in customizable options. With ergonomic and body-cradling design accentuated with plush cushioning make for an irresistible seating experience. Available in your choice of upholstery type and color.



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The Paul Volther Corona Chair is a highly accurate reproduction of its original version created by Danish designer Paul Volther in the early 1960’s. Known for his penchant towards experimenting with a wide range of materials, Paul re-launched the popular chair, replacing solid oak with stainless steel a year after.

The cushions in the ergonomically crafted lounge chair are arranged to appear like a suspended design demonstrating modern artistry and adding elegance to your modern home.

A sturdy frame built from stainless steel not only supports the cushions but provide a reliable stance to the chair. While brushed finish adds to a soft shin to the steel frame, the high density poly foam filling offers provides impeccable comfort.

Available in your choice of upholstery type and color options, the Paul Volther Corona Chair is a cut above the rest and customizable to match withyour individual taste.

Dimension: 34.25"W x 33.75"D x 38.5"H 
Est. Delivery: 10 to 16 Weeks

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