Here are a Few Tips to Make Your Coffee and Coffee Table Worth Sharing

A mug of fresh coffee, a crisp morning and the world at pause. There’s so much that happens over a simple coffee table – chats, arguments, discussions, thinking, jokes or just silence. So give the coffee table the attention it deserves. Here is how –

It’s Better If it’s Near a Window

Coffee Table Tips

Try and place near a window or a place that allows you a look of the outside world. It’s always better to use nature as your backdrop. The change in settings is always a great welcome. So you can look at the clouds or the grass in your lawn or the vehicles passing on the street. You can enjoy it all whether it rains or snows.

Some coffee tables are a part of the kitchen, so try and keep them away from heat. At least ensure you can be seated in comfortable room temperature.

A Conversation Starter

Have conversation starters on your coffee table like interesting coasters or table mats. They can have funny quotes or captions. Leave a fun notepad and a pen. You can even use a small white board and marker.  People love doodling. It can end up making your coffee table have some life. You can place an interesting book that people like to comment on. Use some nice colours for a table cloth. Avoid whites.

Try placing some flower in a small vase sometimes. It’s a nice to lift the spirit. Even a bowl of strawberries or grapes appear artistic. They add some natural colour. Place a honey jar or a glass bowl of sugar cubes.

Choose the Right Coffee Ware

Choose coffee mugs, plates that are interesting.  You can skip the regular circular shape and go for tall glasses of coffee. You even get some with cool messages engraved on them. Make sure they can hold a good amount of coffee or tea.

Choosing the right mugs and plates adds to the décor of your table while you sip away. Get a kettle if you like. Choose a bright colour like red that is in absolute contrast with your table cloth or mugs. Let it stand out and get all the attention.

Comfortable Seats

If it is a coffee table you need to have comfortable chairs so that you can enjoy your time sitting alone or with company. And if you have company you sure want them to be comfortable. Don’t you? Pick chairs that are wide enough to allow people to even fold their legs up and be seated comfortable.

Avoid abstract designs. Go classy. avoid bar stools. They don’t allow a comfortable back rest. So choose seat with a good back. You can pick folding chairs if you are short on space. You can play around with colours of your chair. If you have a white painted table go for four different coloured chairs. It’s fun!

If you have a wooden polished table you can still use the coloured chair option. Or you can look for wooden chairs that have a good back design. You can even go for benches if you want to have some fun or get cosy.

Coffee or no coffee make sure the coffee table looks as great as you want it to be while you work away or simply have a moment with your beloved!