Expressing The Geometric Trend In Decor

Infusing geometric shapes in to the modern or contemporary furnishings creates a whole new décor theme. Even if you didn’t like geometry in school, you are bound to appreciate the figures when incised on your favorite furniture.

With the introduction of nonfigurative outlines to the field of furniture design along with the existing floral drawings, these abstract designs suddenly became symbol for elegance sophistication. This season, fall in love with your circles and cuboids and paint your décor with lively and vibrant forms. Here are some ingenious ways to transform your home décor with the new geometric trend by making minimal changes.


If you wish to incorporate a strong geometric feel to your living space you can do so by replacing the wallpaper with nice and bright shapes and a wonderful background to match the settings. This will establish an aura of abstract patterns without actually changing the furniture items.

Accessoriesflower vase

If your living space already follows the contemporary concept and all your furniture is sharp edged with clean lines, you can define the trend in a more detailed fashion by using accessories unconventional shapes like square flower vases, Oval plates, Octagonal wall clocks, triangular picture frames etc.

Mirrorsmirror 4

For mirrors you can say that they already follow the geometric patterns. But what about taking a break from this boring ritual and adventuring in to a deeper and spicier era of geometric designs? This fall accentuate your bedroom with mirrors with triangular bevels, bordered in criss cross patterns and much more.


If you do not want to spend a lot or replace furniture or linens and still introduce a hint of the abstract concept to your home furnishing, just pull in a rug with nonfigurative designs like circles, blocks of color, zig zags etc.

Pillowscushions 1

Choosing cushion or pillow covers with patterns like zig zags, circles, criss cross, blotch of colors and many more make for a beautiful geometric shape influenced design. Select colors like cobalt, orange, sapphire blue, emerald are great options to enunciate the décor.

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